Children's Entertainment: Rapid Prototyping Methologies

How rapid prototyping helped our team find provable ways to build a personal relationship with children via digital applications and interactive content.


In 2016 Mark Media was exploring ways to improve and expand upon the Miaomiao universe through a complete rebrand of its art style, world and content. Many in that team were championing for an direction which was empathetic towards both children and their parents as well as their direct and indirect needs. As a leader in this team, I struck out with other artists and programmers to discover the best possible ways to make their interactions with Miaomiao and her friends personal and profound, but not irritating, manipulative or abusive.


Timeframe: Several Months/Ongoing

Efforts: Product UX/UI Design, Brand Guidelines, Game Design, Story Writing, World Building

Process Overview: Starting with sketches with the team leads, extending to more developed renderings, then interactive prototypes. Selected apps and games would move into production.

Prototype Environment: We would use either InVision or Unity, depending on game scope and time.

UI Design: Vibrant and inviting, but still using unified colour schemes, with a strong focus on feedback sound and animation, as well as large inviting shapes.


After coming up with a few prototypes, we started testing our products on a number of children between the ages of 2 and 6. This feedback was brought back to our design department, where several layers of iteration were brought upon our offerings. Once they were brought back to the children, we collected more feedback. At this point, some apps were selected for a final production pass and planned for release, while others were held back.


The selected apps are currently in production; internal feedback is extremely strong. Past issues with confusion of what to do, where to go and how to get there in past apps seems to have been removed.


Some of the artwork on this page was drawn by other artists; Miaomiao is a multimedia brand (four seasons of a TV show, digital media offerings, and more) and would not have been possible without the contributions of dozens of 2D and 3D artists, animators, programmers, directors, voice actors, etc.

You can view the Miaomiao website here:

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