Virtual Reality Prototype Development

A multimedia company engages me to help lead a team who wishes to experiment with interactive storytelling involving both interactive 3D and 360 degree video content. My personal focuses were on user experience design, game design and interaction design of software for Oculus Rift and Vive.


A multimedia company in Toronto was on a mission to accelerate their digital game and application product development cycle by introducing rapid prototyping to their internal teams. I partnered with a team of programmers and artists to rapidly design a 3D PC Virtual Reality experience, and provide design and story audits as well as audit their other internal team processes in order to accelerate their internal game development efforts.

  • Timeframe: 8 WEEKS

  • Efforts: Product UX/UI Design, Brand Guidelines, Game Design Audit, Story Audit/Re-Write

  • UX flows: I always start by reading existing documentation provided by the company and having 1 on 1's with key team members as I build and iterate upon initial UX flows and game design documents.

  • Unity Rapid Prototyping: We continued rapidly iterating & prototyping low-fidelity designs, as well as exploring story directions, in Unity.

  • UI Design: We finalized a professional VR Prototype for PC, with a focus on moving away from anything which may take the player out of the experience. For us, immersion was king.


There are a lot of challenges in VR, including but not at all limited to motion sickness, eye strain, seizures, latency, application design factors, individual user factors, hardware strength, spacial and temporal compliance, etc. I worked closely with the entire team over the course of the engagement in order to define the core product and business goals, and find ways to execute those goals in a way which is comfortable and safe for the player, with the end goal being a world class VR prototype.


Within this 8 week period (the course of a single summer), we delivered a strong prototype, which became the backbone of a second game which is currently in production, and will show product progress to their customers, investors & leadership team at a critical new stage of their business growth. Guiding principals of this team in terms of its production management, pipeline and culture was also partially or completely adapted by other teams internally, leading to increased growth in the digital app and mobile game teams.

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