WHAT IS #yegfemdev?


 #yegfemdev is one of the largest regular Professional Games industry events in Edmonton, with a focus on helping talented and gifted women and non-binary people in the industry develop their professional network, as well as providing them crucial information to help them build and further their careers.

 It happens on the second Tuesday evening of every month at Beercade, and it regularly attracts more than 50 people in the industry at all skill levels (everything from first year students to 20 year veterans and everything in-between).


 Q: What can I do to support these regular events?
 A: Honestly, just show up. If you're an experienced developer, you could meet someone new and awesome from BioWare or one of the many great companies cropping up in the area - a friend, a future peer, a mentor, or even really help someone who needs it with some new information. If you're inexperienced, you're really helping yourself by going and meeting more experienced developers, and you should!

 Q: I'm a man - can I come to this event?

 A: Yeah. I've never turned a male away from an event before! All I ask is that you treat everyone you meet here with dignity and respect, and understand that this event exists to advocate for women in the industry. With that said, #yegfemdev is a harassment-free space for everyone, regardless of their gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, body size, race, or religion. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, bullying or hate speech.

 Q: How are all of your events free?

 A: I get a lot of amazing support from the community - Beercade lets us host our events for free (shout out to Bernard and the Beercade staff for all of their help!), and we've also gotten support in the past from Biera, BioWare, and anonymous developers.

 Q: Can I donate money to your cause?
 A: To be honest I don't really need it to run these events as they exist right now - I would prefer it if you gave the money to a cause that needs it. The first thing that comes to mind is Safe Team but there are a lot of great non-profits out there!



© 2019 Melissa Davidson.

"Remember, all of the information is there, except for the information that isn't there." - Librarian, Earthbound


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