I am a Gameplay Designer at BioWare Edmonton, and have a decade of prior experience as a game designer, Art Director, UI/UX designer, Illustrator and Concept Artist in the games industry.

Career Focuses

 * Game Design

 * UX/UI

 * Art Direction

 * Concept Art

 * Business Strategy

Some Projects...

Random Facts

 * Has Five Siblings.

 * And Two Cats.

 * Studied 3D Animation at Humber College.

 * Participated in More than 50 Video Game Jams.

 * Has shipped about 30 games.

I'm also a core gamer, and completed more than 70 video games in 2018. My favourite genres are RPGs (both western and Japanese) as well platformers and action platformers but I especially appreciate unique and unusual gameplay.

05   /   01   /   2019

Anthem is out now!


© 2019 Melissa Janowicz.

"Remember, all of the information is there, except for the information that isn't there." - Librarian, Earthbound


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